Area C: Representation and analysis of text-based structures

The linguistic phenomena investigated in Area A: Graph-based discourse processing are reflected by statistical and punctual phenomena in the induced graphs (networks) and other induced structures. The central, well justified hypothesis of Area C is that, in particular, different domains, genres, language styles, quality levels, etc., are reflected by structural phenomena, and that this interrelation can be utilized for recognition, classification, and quality assessment. All of these tasks are highly relevant for Area B: Language technology for multi-document summarization.

Promising PhD projects explore this interaction between linguistic and structural phenomena and the potential for these tasks. The three guiding themes of Area C approach this common goal from three different perspectives, which complement each other. A PhD project in Area C spans a bridge between Area C and one or more guiding themes from Areas A and B. Preferably, more than one guiding theme from Area C is incorporated.

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